Aluminium Technology

BAIWAY. One high standard. A world of options. 

Professional instrumentation. Engineering through modern 3D CAD technology.

Deep knowledge of the working process. Laser-cut, bevelled aluminium sheets.

Plenty of equipments & storage innovations. Customer-oriented solutions. Always.

Aluminium extrusion profiles. Self-supporting. Torsion-resistant. Multi-function integration. Highly resistant and low superstructure weight.

Formed aluminium and plastic components. High quality. Product simplification. Parts reduction. Resistance to corrosion.

BAIWAY Crew Cab integration into the Superstructure. More space for equipments and crew operators. 

Exit doors with automatic staircases. More safety and comfort for the operators.

BAI DIAMOND LIGHTS. Steps, stairs, equipment compartments and the roof are all illuminated to support the job of the fire operator. 

Aluminium Technology
Aluminium Technology
Aluminium Technology
Aluminium Technology
Aluminium Technology
BAIWAY Diamond Lights

Research & Development

Over the years BAI has engineered and developed an extensive range of special vehicles, highly innovative and very often unique. Among these it is worth mentioning our Tunnel Rescue Vehicle as well as the Rail-Road Rescue Vehicle (drivable both on rail and road). 
All the Research & Development activities are characterized by a strong customer orientation: vehicles requirements are closely studied with the aim to improve the electronic engineering and to provide the best technical solution to the firemen. 
The engineering of our BAI firefighting vehicles is studied almost entirely within our Company. A team of engineers, dedicated to the design and development of new technological solutions, closely work with a second team, responsible for checking the technical feasibility of the entire project. The process gives body to the needs of the customer which are always converted into innovative solutions.
More than 25 years of experience in all types of fire risk. Working internationally in relation with civil defence, international organizations, professional fire fighters at civil and military airports, fire brigades and industries. This is what gives us exceptional knowledge in design and manufacture of firefighting and rescue vehicles.

BAIWAY Crew Cabs 

BAI is a designer and manufacturer of crew cabs in steel and fibreglass on various types of chassis. The production of the crew cabs fully respects the quality standards as well as the body mounting directives of the chassis manufacturer.

BAIWAY crew cab’s structure, which has been engineered with the cooperation of the chassis manufacturer, is completely homogenous to the original design.

The extended cabin can be supplied with the following facilities/options:

  • Rear seats for 4 crewmembers, forward facing, mounted at the rear side of the cab;
  • Rear tiltable seats serving as a cover for the storage locker;
  • Air Breathing Apparatus mounted on the front and rear seats;
  • Two additional rear doors with original locks and drop windows;
  • Grab handles for every seat of the crew compartment;
  • Rear footboards (EN 1846 compliant);
  • 4-axle version;
  • Additional rear seats (7+1 version);
  • Automatic tiltable footsteps;
  • Electro-hydraulic tilting system;
  • Three-points self-rewinding safety belts (test according to the directive No. 76/115/EEC including all amendments up to and including No. 96/38/EC).

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