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31.07.2013. BAI - Brescia Antincendi International Srl, Italian leader Company designing, manufacturing and marketing a broad range of custom-tailored Fire Fighting and Rescue Vehicles confirms the completion of the delivery to the Mont Blanc Tunnel of the New Tunnel Rescue Vehicle. In fact these last three Tunnel Rescue Trucks have just been delivered during the current days to the Mont Blanc Tunnel. The prototype of the series is already in service from September 2012.

The new BAI Tunnel Rescue Vehicle includes top quality firefighting technology and is specially designed for firefighting operations in high temperatures isolated and low visibility tunnel environments. BAI Company develops and updates the last BAI “Janus – Two-faces” Tunnel Rescue Vehicle already delivered in year 2000 and which represented an absolute “world-première” in the firefighting industry.

bai vsat 13000 s tunnel

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