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BAI and Scania: 60 new firefighting vehicles delivered to the Italian National Fire Brigade

04th February 2021

After winning the tender announced by the Italian Ministry of the Interior, BAI Brescia Antincendi International, in collaboration with Scania, delivered 60 fire pumper tankers to the National Fire Brigade.

Chassis Scania P370 B 4X2 NA

  • Engine: Scania Euro 6, 13 litre, 6 cylinder in line, 370 CV
  • Cab P, able to satisfy the numerous requirements in terms of interior spaces and height from the ground.

These vehicles respond perfectly to the request of light, agile and fast vehicles for emergency interventions. They fully meet the fundamental requirements for rescue operations. They offer maximum manoeuvrability, excellent acceleration performances, while ensuring the highest levels of stability, visibility and driving comfort.

Bodywork BAI VSAC 7400 S, Category 1 Urban Class Super

  • Polypropylene water tank with a useful capacity of 7400 l
  • Double-stage pump with a performance of 2500 l / min at a nominal pressure of 10 bar
  • Mechanical ATP mixer, with foam withdrawal from an external source
  • High pressure reel with both electric and manual rewinding
  • Housing of ABAs (Air Breathing Apparatus) directly in the cabin.

Its strengths are compactness, thanks to the 3500 mm wheelbase, and stability. Particular attention has been paid to weight distribution and the height of the centre of gravity. The bodywork has been designed to operate in emergency situations with high performance results.

"We are very proud of this new milestone achieved thanks to the precious synergy with Scania, even more so because it was achieved in a year as difficult as the one, we have just experienced, especially in our city." Says Flavio Gandolfi, President of BAI Brescia Antincendi International. "Although the pandemic forced our Company to stop production for almost three months, BAI managed to successfully test all 60 vehicles planned with the Italian National Fire Brigade and at the end of December 2020 almost all the vehicles were delivered and put into service at over 50 Fire Brigade Commands, from the South to the North of Italy. In this period, we have developed solutions aimed at an optimal use of vehicles in emergency situations, thanks also to the constructive dialogue with BAI / Scania vehicles users. During the training phases, we recorded a unanimous positive feedback from the Fire Brigades. They are satisfied by the remarkable performance of the chassis, the high quality of the bodywork and the attention and professionalism of BAI trainers during the delivery of the vehicles."


 ABP Scania 2

ABP Scania 3

ABP Scania 4

ABP Scania 1

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