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12 July 2019

BAI airport vehicles EFESTUS. 6, the SERIES, in delivery to the Ministry of the Interior. BAI model VSA 8600 S / DP250 on Scania P500 B6X6HZ chassis. Euro 6.

G.V.W. (maximum): 25000 kg for road configuration, 33000 kg for airport configuration. Cabin, original, Scania model CP20N, 1+1 places, designed and built to ensure efficient sound proofing. BAIWAY bodywork manufactured from non-welded aluminum structure paneled by aluminum sheets, consenting to obtain a light weight design and maximum corrosion proofing ensuring no rust to the bodywork. Rear, right side, fixed ladder for roof access. Water tank total capacity of 8100 l in polypropylene. Foam tank capacity of 500 l in polypropylene. Powder device of 250 kg. Water pump Godiva, P1B 6010, performance 6500 l/min at 10 bar. Around the Pump (ATP) mixing device, mechanical, set at 3%. Mixing percentages: 1% - 3% - 6%. Roof monitor, BAI EM 6000. Double flow as per ICAO norms: 4500 l/min & 2500 l/min. Joystick control in the cabin. Bumper monitor, BAI EM 1900. Delivery water/foam (ATP), 900 l/min. Joystick control in the cabin. Independent self-protection system, under truck, dispenses water and foam. Independent self-protection system, cabin and pneumatics, dispenses water. BAI pump control panel in the rear pump compartment. BAI control panel, inside the cabin. Firefighting equipments.


1 TOB 7073 1 Efestus6

2 TOB 7077 1 Efestus6

3 TOB 7046 1 Efestus6

4 TOB 7089 1 Efestus6

5 TOB 7153 1 Efestus6

6 TOB 7109 1 Efestus6

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