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Another successful delivery of BAI Rail and Road fire trucks model VBIM 5500 S CAFS to Far East

18 January 2019

Our BAI lioness, symbol of Brescia, is on her way to Far East. We are glad to announce a new successful delivery of three of our BAI Rail and Road truck, model VBIM 5500 S CAFS. BAI developed this truck especially for Chinese market with the purpose to fight fires and accidents on railways and metropolitan lines, keeping in mind firstly and mainly the firemen safety and already delivered it to various local operative fire brigades last year.  

Check out truck main technical features:  

Chassis Mercedes Benz Actros 3341 (6x4). Double cabin/Crew cab: BAI-Actros suitable to accommodate 6 persons (2 places in the front part of the cabin and 4 places in the rear part). Rear seats with brackets to hold air breathing apparatus. Draeger filtering system in the cab to protect the operators from the smoke which is useful especially when the vehicle is operating inside a tunnel or in closed environments. BAIWAY bodywork manufactured from non-welded aluminum structure paneled by aluminum sheets, consenting to obtain a light weight design and maximum corrosion proofing ensuring no rust to the bodywork. Below each lockers foldable steps are fitted to allow the operators to reach the equipment located inside. Cab and Bodywork protection. Water tank of 4300 L capacity in polypropylene. Foam tank of 1200 L in polypropylene and integrated in the water tank. Water pump Godiva PC1A 4010 SmartCAFS 200. Performance: 4200 l/min at 10 bar (MP). CAFS proportioning system. Rail and Road System. Reverse mode camera. Water/ foam monitor. Light mast with 4x100 W 24 V LED light. Bumper monitor. Design package BAI DIAMOND Lights. BAI pump control panel. Ancillary equipment.


1 DSC 0955 RW RR2019

2 DSC 0972 RW RR2019

3 BAI 15 1 19 60 RW RR2019

4 BAI 15 1 19 61 RW RR2019

5 BAI 15 1 19 29 RW RR2019

6 BAI 15 1 19 14 RW RR2019

7 BAI 15 1 19 35 RW RR2019

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