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New rural fire fighting vehicle BAI VSAC 6200 S mounted on MAN 4x4 TGM 18.240 BB chassis, Euro 3. Ready for delivery.

04 December 2018

Original MAN double cab “DK”, 4 doors. Places in the cab: 1 + 5 (2 front and 4 rear). MAN 4x4 TGM 18.240 BB chassis, Euro 3. Semi-automatic transmission. Wheelbase 4500 mm.

Water tank of 5200 L capacity in polypropylene provided with electrical level indicator. Foam tank of 1000 L capacity in polypropylene. Water pump Godiva, KP1B, centrifugal single stage medium pressure. Performances 2000 l/min at 10 bar. NEW DESIGN BAI pump control panel. Manual BAI Foam mixing system, Around the pump. Mixing capacity adjustable from 0% to 6%. BAI manual roof monitor, model GT2400. Flow rate capacity: up to 1600 l/min at 8 bar. Flow selectable at 800 - 1200 - 1600 - 2400 - 3200 @ 8 - 10 bar.

BAIWAY Bodywork manufactured from non-welded aluminum structure paneled by aluminum sheets, consenting to obtain a light weight design and maximum corrosion proofing ensuring no rust to the bodywork. The bodywork roof is covered by aluminum chequered plates and it's designed to bear the weight of operators and carried equipment. One access heavy-duty metal ladder, with aluminum chequered steps, is located at the rear right side of the vehicle allows getting onto the working deck.

2 storage lockers located on each side of the bodywork and closed by powder coated grey light alloy rolling shutters fitted with aluminum bar-lock, lockable by key. Storage lockers floor covered by aluminum plates, absolutely water and dust proof. The compartments floor allows complete water drainage. The pump compartment is located at the rear of the vehicle, closed by powder coated grey light alloy rolling shutter fitted with aluminum bar-lock, lockable by key.


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1 TOB 7154 NL001

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